Ranked #1 Soccer Club in Ottawa

Where to Start?

OSU hosts 2 Scholarship Seminars for players beginning at U15 and U16 to ensure they begin the recruitment process.The seminars are for both for parents and players. During these seminars we will cover both the Canadain and US University landscape. 

  1. Parent and Players Seminar providing an overview of the landscape of North America, along with what their options are and how to begin the process. We will also look at their target zones for geographic areas and programs

  2. Resume, Cover Letter and Communications Seminar which will be an in-class workshop where the players build their resumes, cover letters and sample communications to schools together. Each player then contacts the schools they have identified after seminar #1

  3. Matching Players to Programs Seminar where we will work with parents and players on the 5 elements that should make up their decision - academic, athletic, social, geographical and financial. We will discuss how to weigh these options, and place them over the individuals driving factors in the decision to best narrow down options

Additional Elements of Our University Advisory Program

  1. OSU will release graduating class profiles for U16 & U17 players to our network of college programs (1500+) with submitted information from student-athletes to highlight them as recruits

  2. OSU sends targeted team releases to college coaches attending their various showcases throughout the year

  3. Individual planning meetings available throughout the year with our University Advisory Program Mentor

  4. OSU Players are invited to attend our annual College & University Planning Seminar, held in early August as part of the Champions Showcase.

  5. OSU establishes alumni network to connect you with club alumni of the particular programs you are interested in attending

Contact Information

Please contact Craig Stead at