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Force Academy Alumni - Competing in Universities and Colleges Across North America

It is with great pride that we celebrate the individual player successes of our club alumni. In 2018, we saw a club record 88 graduates competing for their universities and colleges across North America. 

This impressive number illustrates the ultimate goal of our Force Academy - to help each and every player reach their ultimate goals in the game. In addition to this, 7 current club coaches are also working within local university and college programs, which further strengthens the opportunities for our players.

In 2015, OSU introduced the College Prep Program to ensure that we continue to have a pipeline of graduates going on to play in university and college each year. Look out for some impressive additions to this program over the coming months.

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2018 OSU Alumni

OSU Alumni


Name College/University
US University and College Success's 
Julian Terris University of Albany
Rosa Maalouf  University of Texas
Isabella Hanisch DePaul University 
Shannon Phee Lafayette (PA)
Abdou Samake University of Michigan
Emily Amano  Colgate Univeristy
Jeremy Arnold Colgate University
Justin Earle Syracuse University
Keenan Foley Colombia University
Vana Markarian Colombia Univeristy
Kayza Massey West Virginia University
Anna Munro Duke University
Andrew Clark North Carolina University
Ryan Massoud Northeastern University
Shona McCullogh Washington University
Adam Scott St. Bonaventure University
Luca Nicastro St. Bonaventure University
Becky Hext Rochester Institute of Technology
Ali Price University of Vermont
Dave Musambi San Diego State University
Clarissa Larisey Memphis University
Alexis Martel Lamothe Notre Dame University
Julia Bailey Memphis University
Katherine Herron SMU -Texas
Stephanie Young Fairleigh Dickinson University
Ariel Young University of Central Florida
Colin Philips Dusquene University
Isabella Hanisch DePaul University
Shannon Phee Lafayette University
Sarah Glenn Texas Southern Univ.
Michelle Baird University of Charleston
Francis Avoce Loyola Marymount University
Elizabeth Asare-Danso Francis Marion University
Joseph Waite Carleton College - Minnesota 
Laura Harper University of Maine
Kyle Gray University of Maine
Priscilla Domingo University of Maine
Kaitlyn Ball Univeristy of Maine
Nicole Bailey University of Maine
Kathy Baird Univeristy of Minnesota
Taylor Betz University of Arkansas
Jeff Addai South Carolina University
Craig Stead  University of Buffalo
Jonathan Viscosi Rio Grande University
Myles Cornwall Walsh University
Elisa Warren Liberty University
Brandon Stoneham Adelphi University
Brandon Rollocks Adelphi University
Chloe Doherty Jacksonville State University
Marion Taiwo North Dakota State University
Chelsea Abbots Eastern Michigan University
Aaron Falsetto West Virginia Wesleyan
Steve Klowlesser New Hampshire University
Godwin Addai Tennessee Temple University
Katie Wasylko Converse University
Avery Betchthold Converse University
Brandon Tardioli Mars Hill University
Helen Jazzar Ursuline College
Abdul Ibrahim Spring Arbor University
Elliote Barkley Spring Arbor University
Brittany Burns Ursuline College
Odessa Stritzi Ursuline College
Marcus Hatchison Mount Olive -NC University
Charles  Andrascik Bowdoin College 
Hayden Bechthold Flagler College
Gord MacGregor Norwich College
Katie McCormick Radford University
Samantha Noonan Chicago State Univeristy
Canadian University and College Success's 
Cedric Jean-Charles University of Waterloo
Nicolas Patenaude Laurentian
Oscar Forward Concordia
Olivier Menard University of New Brunswick
Sami El Said Queens
Chris Yoo Queens
Katie Broadhurst Carleton University
Madolyn Bush University of New Brunswik
Katherine Chadwick McGill
Katie Richardson Simon Fraser University
Jade Taylor-Ryan UBC
Raphael Rowley University of Montreal 
Aiyana Gonyea Acadia University
Cedric Gravel Acadia University
Ali Jabara Acadia University
Samuel Laviolette Acadia University
Marie Pierre Beaudoin Bishops Univeristy
Vittoria Gallivan Ryerson University
Tehya Blake St. Francis Xavier University
Tia Lecox University of Winnipeg
Madeline Albright Carleton University
Selena Moussa Carleton University
Daniel Assaf Carleton University
Mikayla Smith Carleton University
Les Escobar Algonquin College
Philomene Sully Bitsi Algonquin College
Mike Roossien Algonquin College
Victoria Huddleson Algonquin College
Robbie Andeloro Algonquin College
Richie Furano Algonquin College
Mallory McQeen Algonquin College
Kirsten Skinner Algonquin College
Gabriella Mendoza-Saud Algonquin College
Darby Perry Algonquin College
Matt Beaudry Algonquin College
Zak Abdulwahab Algonquin College
Dylan Tessier Algonquin College
Chris Oatman Algonquin College
Issac Johnson Algonquin College
Morena Pizzo Algonquin College
Chelsea McLean Algonquin College
Johnny Carlucci Algonquin College
Sammy Arella Algonquin College
Matthew Pica Algonquin College
Chris Carr Algonquin College
Claudio Escobar Algonquin College
Gabriel Urquahard Algonquin College
Jacob Law Algonquin College
Chelsea Saunders Algonquin College
Andrea Reynolds Algonquin College
Chelsea Larock Algonquin College
Marco Natoli Algonquin College
Jennifer Kelly Algonquin College
Meghan Glover Algonquin College
Brian Rosenhal Algonquin College
Georgia Illiopoulos Algonquin College
Hailey Martin Algonquin College
Andrianna Dmuchalsky Algonquin College
Rebecca Ladouceur Algonquin College
Colin Gibson Algonquin College
Mia Pacheco Algonquin College
Shalene Denovan Algonquin College
Audrey Gingras Bishop's University
Aiden McGillis Bishop's University
Olivia Boutard Bishop's University
Taylor Straw Bishops University
Meghan Milton Brock University
Stephanie White Brock University
Dylan Roossien Cambrian
Amelia Carlini Cape Breton University
Drew Dailey Carleton University
Silvio Simil Carelton University
Tony Mikhael Carelton University
Andrew Lockett Carleton University
Tyler Wallace Carleton University
Tara Currie Carleton University
Carolynne Wier Carleton University
Walker Smith Carleton University
Daud Dahir Carleton University
Michael Calof Carleton University
Braden Mackay Carleton University
Alec DeCouvreur Carleton University
Oscar Arrietta Carleton University
James Davidson Carleton University
Diane Jodoin Carleton University
Emily Watt Carleton University
Alexandra Druggett Carleton University
Mekonan L. White Carleton University
Callum Ayre Carleton University
Samantha Paisley Carleton University
Lauren Williams Carleton University
Samantha Nealon Carleton University
Melissa Nyenkamp Carleton University
Hollie Butcher Carleton University
Danny Gutierrez Carleton University
Dario Conte Carleton University
Jared Maloney Carleton University
Dante Cobisa Carleton University
Dani Gorelov Carleton University
Idir Zerrak Carleton University
Tori MacFarlane Carleton University
Gordon Goodkey Carleton University
Junior Asare Carleton University
Ricky Comba Carleton University
Youma Konate Carleton University
Hannah Brown Carleton University
Elodie Sylvain Carleton University
Sophie Ehlebracht Carleton University
Scott Mazzotta Carleton University
Meghan Tierney Carleton University
Jeremy Aweya Carleton University
Jeremy Arnold Colgate University
Meagan McCaffery Concordia University
Krista Petrie Concordia University
Justin Gibson Concordia University
Vanessa Morin Concordia University
Alison Butko Dalhousie University
Kristy Bales Dalhousie University
Travis Fenning Dalhousie University
Sairin Hayes Guelph University
Torin Marcynuk Guelph University
Robbie Murphy Guelph University
Tim Engert Guelph University
Colin Aubry Guelph University
Stephen Veenema Guelph University
Max Bair Marshall Guelph University
Connor Elliot Guelph University
Danielle Lemaire Guelphe University
Matthew Carr Humber College
Jacinthe Poupart La Cite Colligiate
Chanelle Poupart La Cite Colligiate
Erin Chiarelli Laurentian University
John Cohen Laurentian University
Sam D'Aoust Laurentian University
Jeremy Trefry Laurentian University
Mike Buffone McGill University
Sanchit Gupta McGill University
Garret McConville McMaster University
Carolyn Wong McMaster University
Taylor Lincoln McMaster University
Amy Jenkins McMaster University
Diana Bowles Mount Alison University
Chris Vezina Mount Allison University
Gillian Campbell Mount Allison University
Brandon Tebrake Nippissing University
Cameron Brodie Nippissing University
Seth Grant Nippissing University
Paige McNeil Nippissing University
Michael Jemzcyk Queen's University
Will Howard Queen's University
Anna Singer Queen's University
Kara Kitts Queen's University
Ashley Barett Queen's University
William Twardek Queen's University
Cameron Palozzolo Queen's University
Andrew Kennedy Queen's University
Paula Wong Queen's University
Taylore Shaw Queen's University
Kevin Moeun Queen's University
Eric Cappon Queen's University
Rachel Radu Queen's University
Shannon Harvey Queen's University
Chris Michael Queen's University
Noah Campagna Queen's University
Quinn Lanzinger RMC
Curtis Brown RMC
Jordyn DeAveiro Ryerson University
Dylan Lawrence St. Francis Xavier
Quincy Meh St. Francis Xavier
Courtney Weatherall St. Francis Xavier
Barbara Martin St. Francis Xavier
Jordyn Buzza St. Lawrence University
Carly Draper St. Lawrence University
Shane Roberts St. Mary's University
Jeff Haindl St. Mary's University
Jordyn Langs St. Mary's University
Sarah Macgregor Trent University
Erin Foley UNB
Clarisse Ramirez UNB
James Prescott Univ. of British
Jade Taylor Ryan Univ. of British Columbia
Katherine Koehler-Grassau UOIT
Heather Ambery Univ. of New Brunswick
Morgan Brown Univ. of New Brunswick
Aiden Tuck University of British Columbia -Okanagan
Dannielle Guffie University of Cape Breton
Natalie Crawford University of Kings College
Ismail Sow University of Montreal
Laura Marier University of New Brunswick
Emma Donnelly University of New Brunswick
Danielle Vella University of Ottawa
Sydney Provost University of Ottawa
Bridgette Bernier University of Ottawa
Josephine de Jesus University of Ottawa
Mandy Sabiston University of Ottawa
Meghan Girard University of Ottawa
Krista Power University of Ottawa
Thea Nour University of Ottawa
Micha Salhany University of Ottawa
Annika Littlemore University of Ottawa
Annie Ritchie University of Ottawa
Lyndasy Ross University of Ottawa
Dave Barbier University of Ottawa
Danielle Prevost University of Ottawa
Anika Littlemore University of Ottawa
Alyssa Rimac University of Ottawa
Alexia Chaurmont University of Ottawa
Thea Noor University of Ottawa
Julia Rosenthal University of Ottawa
Julia Tardioli University of Ottawa
Sara Pye University of Toronto
Kris Gamache University of Toronto
David Chung University of Waterloo
Cameron Cappelli University of Western Ontario
Julie Beynon University of Western Ontario
Kathryn Beynon University of Western Ontario
Kim Ryerson University of Western Ontario
Chris Shaw University of Windsor
Emma Kovacs University of Western Ontario
Ian Kerr University of Western Ontario
Anna Larkin University of Western Ontario
Meera Malik York University