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Force Academy

Force Academy Program

Program Description:

The Force Academy teams, named Force Academy Black, White, Blue and Silver are all year-round based programs, in that they are selected in the Fall of each year, and their program runs for 11-12 months. Players who do not attend the Fall Trials may request a Trial through the “Tryout for OSU” top tab on our site.

Players will generally receive a minimum two team practices, plus a game per week. In addition to this, they may also participate within Centre of Excellence and/or Sports Performance training.

Players can expect to have 3-4 events per week on average, over approximately 42 weeks of the year. Force Academy teams, depending on their age often travel extensively throughout Ontario, as well as to major tournaments and showcase events as they get into U13 and older.

Most teams compete in one major event per year, such as the Disney Cup, Dallas Cup or similar high-profile events. Lastly, registration costs are generally paid on a monthly basis, over 11 months after an initial deposit. Registration costs are higher than the competitive program due to increased number of sessions, games, facility costs and level of coaching.

Program Details:

The Force Academy Program is geared towards players who are very committed to soccer. All players enter into the Force Academy program through a trial process.

Team Names:

Force Academy Black, White, Blue, Silver - the different covers may compete or have slightly different programs with a slight variance in the level of play they compete at and the number of events they have throughout the year.


Dependent upon team made, and communicated by the program coordinator to you during the trials.

Fee Includes:                                

  • Club Registration

  • Field Costs

  • Coaching Costs

  • League Entry Costs (summer)

  • Referee Costs

  • Governing body registrations

Parents to Provide:

  • Uniform

  • Soccer equipment

  • Contributions to individual team budget for extra tournaments/festivals and team socials


Your coach is communicated to you at the time of team selection offers

Coaching Qualifications:

All OSU coaches are mandated to complete all requirements by our governing bodies (Ontario Soccer and Canadian Soccer Association) including their soccer specific training, making ethical decisions, respect in soccer and a valid police check. Almost all Force Academy coaches are

Festivals & Tournaments:

Are determined prior to the start of the season and communicated to you

Program Curriculum:

Each coach is provided with access to our club curriculum which focuses on individual skill development within the team environment

Additional Skills Training:

Players within the competitive program have opportunities to attend club camps and skills training. Please see your age group in the Our Programs section to see the different options available to you


Force Academy

Force Academy


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